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Total Lot Traceability™

Heritage Grains & Milling Co.’s Total Lot Traceability™ program aims to reestablish the lost relationships between the farmer, the miller, and the consumer. Through this program we also seek to extend these relationships to include bakers (or other grain product producers).

Sample of a lot QR code

We recognize the inherent value of a direct, person-to-person relationship with the producers of your food and have devised a system which will restore your ability to establish, develop, and maintain direct connections with each individual along the path your grain takes in arriving in your artisan bakery, restaurant, and home.

Our Total Lot Traceability begins in the field on the farm with a field number assigned to each crop every season. When the grain in that field is harvested and bagged, a lot number is assigned to each bag which includes the year and month of harvest, the field number, and the bag number. Also at harvest, we take a sample of the grain from that field and send it to North Dakota Grain Inspection Services where it is tested for a variety of characteristics which influence the nutritional value and quality of performance of the grain. We also have your grain tested for Vomitoxin, one of the most common Mycotoxins which occur in grain. For more information on things which affect wheat quality, head over to the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s site and read this article.

All of this information is posted on our website, and we create a QR code for each bag. When you purchase a bag of whole grain berries, flour milled from our grains, or a product made from our grain, you instantly have access this detailed information for the exact lot of grain used in that bag or product. It is even possible to use this system to locate and view the very field in which that lot of grain was grown!