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Welcome to Heritage Grains & Milling Co.

Sunrise on Fish Pond Branch Farms

We are the retail front of Fish Pond Branch Farms, a small 120 acre farm located in the northeastern corner of Harnett County, NC. Our farm is a fourth generation operation dating back to the early 1900’s.

Our farm is currently in the process of moving to organic practices. At present we grow synthetic pesticide/herbicide free, food-grade wheat, oats, and southern peas. We also offer a limited quantity of pecans from our 100+ year old pecan orchard.

Oats and Red Wheat

Most of the grains grown on our farm are bought and milled by Farm & Sparrow on a stone mill in Asheville, North Carolina. Flour milled from our grains is sold and used throughout artisan bakeries in the Asheville area. Please visit the Farm & Sparrow website to see which establishments presently use our grains.

Grains grown on our farm are also available directly to you both as flour and in berry form for purchase through this website. We are able to offer other stone milled products not grown on our farm, but grown to the same standards as our own. Please feel free to browse through the product section of this website to see exactly what we offer and what is currently available for purchase. We would also encourage you to explore the section of our website on The Heritage of the Grist Mill to learn more about the philosophy underlying Heritage Grains & Milling Co.

While you are here, please subscribe to our monthly news letter to stay informed on product availability, crop status, recipes, and other news. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have. Thank-you for visiting! Have a great day!